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5 Recipes You Can Make Using Only a Gas Stove Top

5 Recipes You Can Make Using Only A Gas Stove Top: 1. Soup. This is a pretty obvious one for a snowstorm, and there are so many options to choose from! I absolutely love this roasted red bell pepper soup from the gals-cooking blog. Instead of oven-roasting the peppers, just smoke them over an open […]

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5 Reasons Top Chefs Prefer Gas Cooktops

Here are a few benefits of cooking with a gas cooktop   Just because you’re not a professional chef, doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting, and if I had to name the one single thing that has drastically improved my cooking game, […]

Cooking Gas

Advantages of cooking with gas

Electricity may have made our lives easier in many ways, but the most efficient and responsive approach to cook is the use of a gas stove. Whether boiling or steaming, sautéing, griddling or stir-frying, there are a huge number of advantages of cooking with gas. Immediately responsive heat The reason most professional kitchens use gas […]