Is There a Gas Stove With Oven That Combines Style And Function?

In the past function was the main purpose when it came to kitchen appliances and that was no different when it came to stoves and ovens. Stoves and ovens were made to fulfil a cooking purpose and that was it. However, life has changed and people want their homes to reflect their design style. So […]

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Enhance Your Cooking Experience With State of The Art Gas Stoves

If you enjoy cooking and you spend much of your time in the kitchen then your kitchen is probably geared with the latest appliances. When you have a passion to cook for your family you love to try different recipes then you would most likely require a state of the art gas stove. The Premium […]


How To Create a Designer Kitchen

When you live in a modern house and the features are sophisticated and stylish you want your kitchen to match your style. You can create a beautiful designer kitchen when you plan it ahead of time. You probably have a good idea of the type of style you want which is the first step. Now […]


Cooking Advantages of a Gas and Electric Stove

Growing up in South Africa we are only used to electric stoves but with the constant load shedding and random electricity outages people started looking for other energy solutions. One of those alternative energy solutions is gas power. Gas power is a way to get off the electricity grid and use energy to power electrical […]

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5 Recipes You Can Make Using Only a Gas Stove Top

5 Recipes You Can Make Using Only A Gas Stove Top: 1. Soup. This is a pretty obvious one for a snowstorm, and there are so many options to choose from! I absolutely love this roasted red bell pepper soup from the gals-cooking blog. Instead of oven-roasting the peppers, just smoke them over an open […]

5 Reasons Top Chefs Prefer Gas Cooktops

Here are a few benefits of cooking with a gas cooktop   Just because you’re not a professional chef, doesn’t mean you can’t cook like one. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting, and if I had to name the one single thing that has drastically improved my cooking game, […]

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Advantages of cooking with gas

Electricity may have made our lives easier in many ways, but the most efficient and responsive approach to cook is the use of a gas stove. Whether boiling or steaming, sautéing, griddling or stir-frying, there are a huge number of advantages of cooking with gas. Immediately responsive heat The reason most professional kitchens use gas […]