How To Create a Designer Kitchen


When you live in a modern house and the features are sophisticated and stylish you want your kitchen to match your style. You can create a beautiful designer kitchen when you plan it ahead of time.

You probably have a good idea of the type of style you want which is the first step. Now you need to decide on the different elements that will make up this style. Select kitchen cupboards that have a high gloss finish with diamante effect door handles. This gives the kitchen a glamorous look. Look for tiles that complement the design of the cupboards so if the tiles have a bit of sparkle in it that will enhance the look. The kitchen appliances will have to suit the style of the kitchen too. Silver appliances usually complement the modern kitchen. So you could add a mirror finish fridge and fit it in amongst the cupboards to look as if it is part of the cabinetry. A silver finish gas stove with oven is another elegant kitchen appliance that is not only beautiful but offers you function and convenience. The gas fitting allows you to be off the electrical grid because you only need gas that is linked to the gas canister connected to it. So when electricity goes out in your area due to load shedding, you can still entertain because you have a gas stove with oven.

You can further enhance the design of the kitchen with strategically placed small kitchen appliances. Find a spot that is a focal point and place a coffee machine there. On another side of the kitchen you can have a blender that you use for your fruit and smoothie blends. Then add personal design features by way of decorative food. For example, on one side of the kitchen counter you can add large bell jars and place fruit under them. Bright fruit would create a pop of colour. For this you could use lemons. Or you could use those bell jars to display delectable mini cakes or muffins. Add one or two plants for decorative purposes too. A bright green pot plant in the corner of the kitchen cabinet will add a light lively colour.

Lighting also plays a role in creating the designer kitchen. Low hanging pendant lights paired with down lighting along the cabinetry will give a beautiful glow but also add sufficient light for cooking and eating purposes. The right lighting will highlight the sparkle in the countertops and will give the appliances a beautiful shimmer. It will become a pleasure to spend time in this space because it is so elegantly created.

You have to be creative with a designer kitchen because all the elements must tie in with the overall look. The appliances, cupboards and décor must be able to tell a story that is unique to you and your style. A designer kitchen will impress your friends and family but most importantly it is the kitchen that you will live with every day. You get to wake up to this beautiful kitchen and enjoy the food prepared in it.

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