Great meals to cook with gas

IMAGE 1 - Great meals to cook with gas

It’s a Friday evening and you and your family are preparing to settle in for the evening with a nice meal along with a great movie. Just as you change out of your work clothes, the power goes off. What to do now? Lucky for you, you changed your electric oven and stove to a 4 plate gas stove and now it’s time to shine.

I will be saving you some time here with a couple of awesome meals you can cook with gas on your gas top!

The easiest one which can have many variations is of course scrambled eggs. Secondly we take a family favorite, the hotdog. There are multiple ingredients you could add to your hot dog along with making a delicious sauce or gravy to go with it.

Making it easier you can even opt for tasty one pot meals of which you will be able to find their recipes online. Some of these meals include; One-Pan crispy spaghetti and chicken, Marmalade baked sausages, Seafood stew with borlotti beans and tomato, Red wine braised veal osso bucco, slow cooked pork shoulder with lemon and winter herbs, Sri Lankan Salmon curry, Mexican eggs with potato hash, Vegan lentil, sweet potato and chickpea stew, Lentil and tomato pan roasted chicken, roast lamb koftas with pumpkin and crisp couscous.

The best thing about these meals is they all have some sort of comfort and relax feel associated with them which makes them a family favorite and great replacement for just getting take outs which often are overpriced and lack in proper nutrition.

Serving your family one of these meals is a sure way to take away from the load shedding blues. All you now need to worry about is who is going to fight over the power bank to keep their phones charged!