Gas or Electric Stove – Which Oven Gives You The Best Source Of Heat?

unnamed - Gas or Electric Stove – Which Oven Gives You The Best Source Of Heat?

Your stove is an essential kitchen appliance and the oven you have can make a difference when cooking either hassle-free or cooking with frustration. The stove is the central point of most kitchens, and this is an important decision to make. Gas and electric appliances each come with their benefits, not to mention personal preferences. The good news is that there is a range of gas and electric stove or gas stove with electric ovens either together or separately.

One question that is often asked by homeowners is which oven gives me the best source of heat and is cheaper? A gas or electric oven? Besides considering the heat source, you should also consider which one is cheaper and you need to consider the running cost of the stove/oven over its lifetime. It is always a good idea to consider quality over quantity when considering buying a new stove whether it is gas or electric. So, Should you cook with gas or electric? Which Oven gives you the best source of heat?

Gas Stove & Oven

The best benefit of a gas stovetop is that it gives you total control overheat. This means that you don’t have to wait for the element to heat up, you can adjust the temperature instantly. Your cooking temperature is accurate, it allows you to use high heat for stir-fry and instantly follow to a lower heat to simmer. Gas stoves offer you an even distribution by a centralised gas flame that helps reduce scorching your food. It also has lower heat emissions as the gas flames immediately disappear when you turn it off. Lastly, you should consider replenishing your gas and figuring out how long it lasts from your month to month.

Gas Ovens Heat Source

The great thing about a gas oven is how it preserves flavour due to the oven that allows for a small amount of water vapour. It also helps reduce the possibility of your food drying out. When you’re looking for a gas stove, they do come in a variety of options. Most models do allow for both styles (fan or convection ovens) of cooking.

Fan or Convection Ovens

– The use of fan means heat circulating quickly and evenly so there is no need to preheat your oven

– Heat is evenly spread throughout the oven allowing you to cook several dishes together at the same temperature

– Food retains its natural juices as cooking time is faster at lower temperatures

Electric Stove & Oven

Electric stovetops also have fan ovens and they are a more convenient option for studio apartments, flats or even hotels. An electric stove is traditionally cheaper when you buy it upfront, although you also need to consider your electricity bill over the lifetime of your stove. It can meet all your cooking needs, whether it’s a Sunday roast or baking treats you can achieve it all with an electric oven.

Electric Ovens Heat Source

With an electric oven, you have first preheat your oven before baking a cake, it does not heat up instantly like a gas oven. The temperature range for an electric oven varies up to 220◦C. The double oven door glazing is a standard feature as it helps keep the heat locked in for more efficient cooking and it helps to keep the outside of the oven cool while the oven is being used. Electric ovens also come with a built-in fan that assists in the distribution of heat evenly.

If you’re thinking of adding to your kitchen whether it is a gas or electric stove, or a gas stove with an electric oven the choice is yours! At Delonghi, we can help you make it happen. For all your kitchen and cooking, you need to visit our website for more on our range of Italian cooking appliances.

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