Cooking Advantages of a Gas and Electric Stove


Growing up in South Africa we are only used to electric stoves but with the constant load shedding and random electricity outages people started looking for other energy solutions. One of those alternative energy solutions is gas power. Gas power is a way to get off the electricity grid and use energy to power electrical appliances such as a stove.

Usually a gas and electric stove would be one that has a gas hob and an electric oven. So you use gas to cook food on the top of the stove but you can use electricity for baking in the oven. This is an easy way to manage and balance your energy consumption which will lead to cost benefits in the long run.

The main advantage of a gas and electric stove is that it allows you to use two different sources of energy. In this way, when the electricity is on you can use the oven with the existing electrical outlet but if there is load shedding or cable theft leading to a power outage in your area, you can still use the burners to cook on because it is gas powered. It is more efficient to use gas when cooking because a gas canister can last you a very long time. It will be months or possibly even years before you need to change the gas canister, depending on the gas canister size.

When it comes to cooking on the gas stove you have the advantage of fast heating. Once you turn on the flame the heat is there instantly. You don’t have to wait for the stove plate to heat up. This instant heat is able to warm the pot or pan rapidly so you can start cooking pretty much right away. If you are a busy working person then this is a great thing because who really has time to wait anymore. You’re hungry and you want to eat so the food needs to be prepared fairly quickly.

If you have a small family or it’s just you and a partner then the 4 plate gas stove is a reasonable option because you’re not going to cook a lot of food when you get home from work. This unit will save you space too, because it’s not large in size and fulfils all the functions that you need to cook for a small family. However, if you have a bigger family or you like to prepare a lot of food for your family gatherings or parties then the 5 burner gas stove might be a viable option for you.

If you boil vegetables you will notice that on the gas stove, the water will heat much quicker than on a conventional electric stove. The flames will cut down the boiling time and will start boiling the vegetables much sooner. While you’re preparing food on the gas stove you can use the electric oven to either bake a dessert or maybe you want to roast chicken.

A gas and electric stove is certainly a good way to cook in this day and age because it makes life much easier in this fast paced world.

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