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Fisher&Paykel Italy (formerly ELBA Plc. Ltd.) has a long history rich in tradition. In our Borso del Grappa factory in the province of Treviso, for many years we have manufactured products for cooking, freestanding cookers, gas and electric stoves, ovens, cooktops and other kitchen products of the De’Longhi brand and sold them all over the world.

With passion we have developed electrical household cooking appliances since as long ago as 1950, when the pioneer Elio Baggio set up a small artisan company where he started to create and produce the first models of domestic ovens and cookers. This was the beginning of a successful story and thanks to him many houses rebuilt after the second world war were able to have a modern and functional kitchen, integrated with other electrical household appliances inspired by the style “which came from America” and which transported Italians to the modern era. In those years we also immediately became advocates of the Italian economic miracle.

Thanks to its products, in the 1960s the company grew to such an extent that it became one of the largest leaders in the sector, opening first a new, larger and up-to-the-minute industrial complex in the city of Bassano del Grappa (VI) and then an even larger and more modern structure in Borso del Grappa (TV), the current headquarters. The production process became more automated while still however maintaining its fundamental feature, products made by expert hands, retouched and cared for manually down to the last detail so that the product only left the factory if it was perfect.

Today, the company occupies an area of 52,000 sq.m. (of which 32,158 sq.m. are covered) and has 450 employees. It produces 400,000 units a year and has a production capacity which could easily exceed 500,000 units annually.

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Made in Italy and Design:

Our De’Longhi cookers mean Made in Italy. The Italian heritage is obvious in each product, feature and detail. Our products have the precious value of deriving from a long tradition of design and production of excellence, features intrinsic to our country. Real culinary experience in the Italian style which focuses on the care for detail, experience, skill, attention to design, the search for excellence and the importance we give to those who will be the users of our products. We only use top-quality materials, certified and authorised, from the beginning of the production chain through to entry on the market. We respect the highest quality standards and all the certifications required by international standards. We test every product for safety. We want our products to be solid, durable and extremely safe.

Our products are constantly dedicated to innovation and design, ease of use, simplicity, elegance and warmth of shape. Our design is distinctive, our style unique.



Uniting the useful with the beautiful. Times and fashions change but we still keep an eye on the past. Our products satisfy all tastes, combining style and a classical air with innovation and technology.

To achieve this goal the company invests heavily in its Research and Development section, in terms of people, technologies and instrumentation. We always look for the correct balance between tradition and market requirements, the need to always develop new products which keep up with the times and thus are at the forefront in the field of safety, durability and reliability. With our products we want to be useful and highlight the most beautiful and important thing of a kitchen, the people who use it and consider it their domain.Made in Italy 2 1024x540 - About


We are one of the few companies in the sector who can boast of having an enamel works machine in the factory which allows us to follow and ensure production safety according to our quality standards. We also have a CE AFNOR-CERTIGAS authorised and certified gas laboratory which allows us to self-certify our products. It is not by chance that we are among the best known on the market thanks to gas cookers, our main product. Our design is flexible, in both quantity and quality. We satisfy the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home and is where the family meets, feeds and warms itself, as has happened for thousands of years around the hearth. With our products we continuously search for the beautiful, practical, useful and harmonious, while always keeping an eye on costs. We have supplied the kitchens of millions of people for decades and the number is still growing.

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