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We develop freestanding cookers with passion, inspired by the tradition of the Italian kitchen and family values. Our high performance products which include gas stoves with electric oven, are 100% Made in Italy, featuring solutions which make them pleasant to use. Our design is distinctive, our style unique. We satisfy the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world.

This in fact is how we like to define the freestanding cookers belonging to this line. A perfect example of how competence can be united with design. A decisive style, together with modern lines, make this family of freestanding cookers a furnishing item with a strong character and at the same time a perfect cooking device. Thanks to the wide depth of range, there is a considerable selection of high-performance cookers, going from real steel monoliths to cookers with more sober details or more country-style finishes.

electric oven
Delonghi PRO 96
electric oven
Delonghi PEMX 96
gas stove with electric oven
Delonghi PEMA 96
Delonghi PEMX 66
Italian Cooking Appliances

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Our Italian heritage is obvious in each product, feature and detail.Our products which include gas and electric stoves, gas stove specials have the precious value of deriving from a long tradition of design and production of excellence, features intrinsic to our country. Real culinary experience in the Italian style which focuses on the care for detail, experience, skill, attention to design, the search for excellence and the importance we give to those who will be the users of our products. We respect the highest quality standards and all the certifications required by international standards. We test every product for safety. We want our products to be solid, durable and extremely safe. Our products are constantly dedicated to innovation and design, ease of use, simplicity, elegance and warmth of shape. Our design is distinctive, our style unique.

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